James Hurysz

James Hurysz was born in New York City after World War II ended. He was born and reared in the city, as were both of his parents. In Western and Central New York, he attended private schools that prepared him for college. Jim was a soldier in the United States military for the following two years. He worked as a Quality Assurance specialist for a number of significant industrial organizations before joining the US Department of Commerce.

James Hurysz, a former government official who currently works for a number of big industrial businesses in the Northeast, is a quality assurance consultant. Jim's hometown in the Northeast had a booming manufacturing economy when he was a young man. Industrial enterprises in the Southeast were able to use his QA consulting services, which included information QA.

In light of these conditions, James Hurysz decided to run in the Democratic primary for Arlington Board of Supervisors. He ran for Congress twice as an Independent after quitting the Democratic Party (2004, 2006). In Virginia, there is no need to register with a political party, and running for public office as an Independent is the norm.) He campaigned on keeping the US out of third-world conflicts and being prepared for the massive population explosion that will come in the next century.

Only after running for Congress did James Hurysz become concerned about the rising urbanization that was wreaking havoc on his neighborhood. He endorsed local, state, and national candidates for public office because they shared a dedication to improving the neighborhood's level of life. After Jim's death, he continued to give quality assurance (QA) services to industrial firms to ensure the economy, environment, and society's long-term stability.